Who We Serve


...provides diligent and reliable service.... I have complete confidence in the team
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Doug Knopper
Co-founder & Co-CEO, Freewheel
... provide top tier seasoned financial executives...my highest recommendation
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Frank J. Marshall
General Partner, Timark LP
began providing immediate value...If you are a startup, you need Kranz & Associates!
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Kevin Coakley
Co-founder & CEO, Thin Silicon
...excellent advice on debt & equity terms.... recommend them with greatest enthusiasm
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Jerry Rudisin
Past CEO, Agitar Software
...step into your finance organization and provide immediate value
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Matt Jones
CEO, Cloudshield
... first class financial services ....very pleased with the value they added
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T.M. Ravi
CEO, Mimosa Systems
...lead as financial advisor during $3.25B Merger...their experience made them an invaluable partner!
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Greg Resnick
CEO, Xros, acquired by Nortel

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Who We Serve

Outsourcing your financial and administrative requirements to Kranz & Associates provides start-ups, mid-size, public companies, venture firms & other businesses, not only with deep industry knowledge, but with cost effective right level staffing for your immediate needs. We provide part-time, full time, interim or long term finance professionals at all levels to address your critical issues.

Our expertise spans all industries and ranges from small U.S. companies with seed financing to multi billion dollar global corporations. From inception through IPO, during high growth, mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, downturns, or wind downs, your company can draw from the most comprehensive and reputable group of financial professionals in the industry today, who can address your strategic, financial accounting, human resources, information technology, facilities and communication needs.