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...Comparing Kranz ...,I looked at their clientele, reputation, quality of professionals ... and ability to service in a cost effective manner. Kranz & Associates was hands down the 'best of class'
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Lourdes Rabelo-Spang
Employee, Kranz & Associates
...most experienced & nuanced financial advisor to young start-ups in Silicon Valley
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Rick Stubblefield
Founder, Lighthouse Capital Partners
...substantially improved our financial processes....played a critical role in our successful financing
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Craig Palmer
President, Gracenote (acquired by Sony)
... very helpful in getting our finances organized...and greatly appreciated
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Jeremy Stoppelman
CEO, Yelp
...an outstanding job during our rapid growth & continues to provide excellent support
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Lane Bess
CEO, Palo Alto Networks
began providing immediate value...If you are a startup, you need Kranz & Associates!
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Kevin Coakley
Co-founder & CEO, Thin Silicon
...Our thanks to your firm... does whatever it takes to get the job done.
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Tami MacDuff
CFO, Biz 360

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Hit the Ground Running

Start-ups have unique requirements which focus on the company’s ability to progress rapidly while ensuring the conservation of cash. They require turn-key, cost effective financial solutions with a broad spectrum of services ranging from CFO financial leadership and technical expertise to basic bookkeeping.

When companies hire at the lowest level, they risk losing their financial integrity. When they hire at the highest level, they lose cash. Only by combining these skills can you obtain the most cost effective solution and best business partner for start-ups, Kranz & Associates. Let us help you extend your cash runway with a cost effective finance solution and augment financings when appropriate to minimize dilution. Our time tested tools, templates and relationships ensure your start-up will hit the ground running.