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began providing immediate value...If you are a startup, you need Kranz & Associates!
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Kevin Coakley
Co-founder & CEO, Thin Silicon
...able to bring on a turn-key finance TEAM for the price of an individual contract CFO
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Rob Meinhardt
Co-founder & CEO, Kace Networks
... a large role in the revitalization of company...improvements are too long to list
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Charles Hoffman
CEO 2001-2008, Covad Communications
...deliver critical information quickly & cost effectively...recommend Kranz & Associates
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Bill Coughran, Currently at Google
Former CEO & founder , Entrisphere
...most experienced & nuanced financial advisor to young start-ups in Silicon Valley
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Rick Stubblefield
Founder, Lighthouse Capital Partners

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Governance Compliance

Our consultants work with your company for a practical approach to SOX Risk Assessment, documentation, testing, implementation and ongoing compliance. Our internal control compliance is right size, affordable and provides realistic and useful recommendations. We scale as needed for your growth. Additionally, we handle the tax issues that face many companies, as well as provide guidance for Defense Department Contracts.

SOX Compliance Government Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Risk Assessment & Documentation
  • Project Plan Development
  • Document Control Testing
  • SOX Compliance Reports
  • Deficiency Resolution
  • Best Practice Controls & Processes
  • Implementation Plans & Assistance
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Testing
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Domestic & International Scope
  • Audit Committee Communication
  • Auditor Interface
  • Federal Tax Workpaper Preparation
  • State Tax Workpaper Preparation
  • Use Tax Analysis
  • Tax Preparer Introductions
  • Delaware Annual Returns
  • Sales Tax Compliance
  • Sales & Use Tax Returns
  • Sales Tax Audits
  • IRS Audits
  • California Franchise Tax Board Audits
  • Workers Compensation Audits
  • U.S. Defense Department Contract Compliance